ENGINE LT – control and application software

When choosing LTX UNIQUE you get easy-to-use application software package. The comprehensive ENGINE LT Windows-based software was developed to control the AOX analyzer and accessories.

ENGINE LT Advantages

  • Easy start & measurement
  • Comprehensive control, display and report functions
  • Simple Project management
  • Smart diagnostic and status windows
  • Safe access by specific privileges of user levels
  • Customized modifications on demand
  • LIMS support

Main features

Measurement window

  • Definition of sample parameters
  • START of analysis
  • On-line display of titration curve
  • Short summary of recent results

Results window

  • Store, display and processing of data
  • Statistics
  • Export
  • Printing

Settings window

  • Select method templates
  • Create/modify methods
  • Set different user level access
  • Advanced diagnostic and service