LTX Unique – a combustion analyzer for the coulometric determination of halogens

LTX Unique – AOX, EOX, POX and TX analyzer

LTX Unique brings easy-to-use, fast and precise determination of halogens to your lab. The modular system is capable to analyze wide range of halogen concentrations in various matrices at high flexibility and low cost operation. It meets with applicable ISO, DIN, EPA and ASTM standards.

Analysis of Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX)

Most organic halogens are originated during utilization of different kind of solid and liquide materials and compounds which contain chlorine substances. Monitoring of processes like water treatment, bleaching, refinery and many others industrial processes is important to avoid contamination of environment by organic halogens.

LTX UNIQUE is designed to measure organic bound halogens in solid and liquid samples. These halogens are determinated as specific groups of parameters:


  • AOX (Adsorbable Organic Halogens)
  • EOX (Extractable Organic Halogens)
  • POX (Purgeable Organic Halogens)
  • TX (Total Organic Halogens)

LTX UNIQUE meets your lab needs

This microcoulometric combustion analyzer directly determinates concentrations of usually 10 micrograms per litre in water of organically bound chlorine, bromine and iodine (expressed as chloride or halogens) adsorbable on activated carbon. Higher concentrations are possible by diluting prior to analysis. The AOX analyzer can be used for either routine determination of halogens or R&D in a wide range of environmental and industrial applications.

Some examples of halogen determination in selected applications:

Logo Galdabini 1890 Wastewater from bleaching technology in paper and pulp industry.
Logo Galdabini 1890 Wastewater and sludges in steel plant.
Logo Galdabini 1890 Biofuels.
Logo Galdabini 1890 Wastewater treatment plant.