About Labtech

Company Profile

LABTECH is the Czech independent company established in 1991 that provides wide variety of analytical services, supplies material testing sytems and vacuum technology.

The company also manufactures and sells AOX analyzer and helium leak detection testing systems.


More than 25 years of design, development and manufacture of AOX analyzer

The first AOX analyzer was launched in 1994 and currently we have introduced LTX Unique - the 3rd generation of AOX/TX, EOX and POX analyzer.


Core Values and Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to people, society and the environment is essential to LABTECH. Quality, Service and Respect are the values we express to our customers.

Our main pillars are:

  • Respectful work environment, employment and human rights laws
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Good and close relationship with our customers and business partners
  • Sustainability



LABTECH is the holder of the CSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 quality management certificate and also the holder of the necessary professional certification for the individual examinations.

Our laboratiries are accredited according to CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.